Tough Cattle Prove Tender In Meat Quality Trial

Researchers say a tropically-adapted composite cattle breed, the Senepol, could help northern producers diversify their domestic market options. Read More Here!

$500 Discount Voucher

Come see us at Ag Grow to collect your $500 dollar voucher to be used on a bull at this years sale!

Crossing With Senepol Adds $100 Per Head!

A trial conducted by the NT DPI has found that crossing your brahman herd with a Tropically Adapted Bos Taurus animal adds $100 per head to your steers. Read more here!

BEEF 2015

Beef 2015 was a very successful outing with strong interest in Senepols shown. The myth that Senepols are small cattle was blown out of the water by an 1114 kg bull on the site. Thanks to all that came and had showed interest in our Senepol cattle and we hope to see you all at Emerald in September to purchase some of your own!